Television has brought the idea of using a wing man to the forefront of a lot of single guy’ s minds. Usually, they put it out there in a comical way, not really the way that …

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  • supernerd567:

    my boyfriend wants a tattoo of wings on his upper back, i cant seem to find any pictures he would like, iv looked on google and there not veyr good, do you know where i can find any good pictures?
    also what do you think of wing tattoos on men?

  • Dana G:

    Why goes the angel in the finish from the story and just what happens with your family ?

  • Sergeant Pickle:

    what’s the distinction between an electronic television as well as an analogue television?

  • Praveen:

    I’m in high school for starters.
    Anyway my friend Kayla is talking to some guy. Kayla and I always spend lunch together.
    The guy Kayla is talking to decided to hang out with her and he brought a friend.
    At first me and the friend didn’t really talk, but each day we would all get together. And we’ve gotten to know each other better.
    Then one day, Kayla and her boyfriend left and me and the friend spent the lunch together. I like to say we had fun. Haha.
    But was he playing wing man? Or did him staying at lunch with me show interest?
    We now say hi every time we see each other, lol

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